Easter Cupcakes


Easter is fast approaching so me and my mama decided to make some Easter inspired cupcakes last weekend when I was at home. I got a bit bored of my usual swirly cupcake icing so I used a smaller piping bag and made some weird little patterns. They look a bit like sea urchins but that's ok because they were super tasty. The only thing that really makes them at all Eastery is the mini eggs we put on top!

I used my basic cupcake recipe from my last post and piped on vanilla butter icing. As I've said before, I have no idea what quantities I use for my butter icing because I just throw it in. Maybe next time I'll measure it out so I can tell ya'll.. But until then I'm sure you can find a pretty good one on Google :)



How to make a cake: for Molly Bishop and the rest of the world

One of my friends asked me for an easy birthday cake recipe yesterday so I thought I’d share my basic cake recipe with you all. This recipe can be adapted to do pretty much anything. From cakes to tray bakes, muffins to cupcakes. You can flavour it however you want and I promise it’s pretty much fool proof!
This recipe will make one sandwich cake, 12 muffins/large cupcakes or 18 fairy cakes.

All you need is:- 8oz self-raising flour 
- 8oz caster sugar 
- 8oz margerine or butter 
- 4 eggs

Cream the butter/margerine and the sugar. This is a lot easier if you have an electric hand whisk. You can buy these for about 5 pounds from places like Argos and Dunelm. Creaming the butter and the sugar means that you’ll get a nice even bake as you won’t have lumps of butter melting in your cakes in the oven.

Whisk in the eggs and fold in the flour a bit at a time.

When it’s all incorporated you can flavour it however you want. Add cocoa powder to taste for chocolate cake, add a splash of espresso for coffee, add some dried fruit, throw in some cranberries and white chocolate, some blueberries for blueberry muffins, some chocolate chunks for chocolate muffins, a splash of vanilla for basic cupcakes, chop in some walnuts for coffee frosted deliciousness… The possibilities are endless. You get the picture, you can pretty much add anything to the batter. 

Bake your cake/muffins/cupcakes/fairy cakes for 25 minutes at gas mark 5 in the middle of the oven. If you’re making a sandwich and you can’t fit both tins in the oven then don’t put them on different shelves because they will bake unevenly and it will be a disaster. Be patient and bake them one at a time.

Make sure you leave cakes to cool thoroughly before you ice them. I know icing is the fun part blah blah blah but if you ice them whilst theyre still warm the icing will melt and you will be left with a horrible gooey mess all over your glorious cakes. So just be patient. If you’re doing a sandwich, don’t get too carried away on the filling. Remember that a cakes got to go on top and the chances are it will all splurge out and look horrible. Same goes with cupcakes, your icing should never be taller than the cake itself.

Happy Friday!
I hope your weekend is full of cakes and happiness!
S x
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