Carrot cake, K-Mix and my sweet tooth...

Happy Monday!!
Today a few things happened: I gave my K-Mix it’s first outing, I panic bought 2 and a half interview outfits and I got my first filling,
To elaborate- I got my K-Mix for my 21st birthday way back in February but I’ve lived in a tiny flat with a tiny kitchen to match so there’s been no room for it. I moved out of my flat on Saturday and I’m currently staying with my parents until I find a job elsewhere. I’ve got a job interview on Wednesday for an editorial role at a card making magazine. Obviously, that is my dream job and I’m super nervous. I’ll keep you updated on that one! I also got my first filling today… My sweet tooth has taken its toll. 
Anyway, to christen my K-Mix I made up some carrot cakes with cream cheese frosting. They were divine. I’ve posted the recipe before, you can find it here.
Enjoy! And send positive vibes my way for my interview!!

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