Cheap herbs in old crates...

I wanted to share this little herb garden that I put together the other day.

As you all know, I'm organising mine and Rob's engagement party for June so the other day I took a trip to Aldi to get some knock off Pimm's (it's called Austin's, it's £5.99 and it tastes exactly the same- even the Good Housekeeping Institute agree!) and I came across these little herb pots for £2.99 for 6. I'm a sucker for a bargain so I got two. If you're into this sort of stuff then go and get some! They have parsley, oregano, mint, thyme, chives and basil.

I planted them in these old crates that my mum picked up from an orchard in Essex in the 80's (how they have survived in our garage so long I do not know...) You can find them online but they're pretty expensive. If you know anyone that grows fruit/veg go and visit them, we bought some more a couple of months ago from a local corn grower for £5 each and we planted them up and sold them. 

Just a little tip!

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