Victoria sponge...

I love cake, and of all the fancy cakes in the world, nothing beats a good victoria sponge. My mum's is the best, but when she's not around I try to recreate it. I use my basic cake recipe, and I add a good splash of vanilla extract to the batter. 
For the filling, use a good quality jam. I like raspberry but I think strawberry is traditional. I find it tastes so much better if the jam is homemade too! The buttercream is just 100g unsalted butter with 300g icing sugar.
If you like this, you might also like the mini victoria sponges that I made a while back :)


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  2. Wow, that is more than a dollop and a half of buttercream! Do you not find the cream overpowering and sweet?

    You make your own jam?! Amazing.

    1. Hi there! Buttercream is my favourite part of a victoria sponge so I pile it on, I also find that when you're using a good quality jam it can be quite sharp, so the two work well together. I do indeed make my own preserves! I haven't done any yet this year, but you can check out some of the others that I made for Christmas last year here:

      Thanks for stopping by! X


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