Elephant, Brixton Village Market

Last night we ventured to Brixton to see the wonderful Ella Eyre at Electric Brixton. Having heard nothing but good things about Brixton Village Market, we decided to check it out for a pre-gig dinner.

From Brixton tube station, you turn right on to the high street and right again on to (what I would call) a typical London market street - it's crowded and bustling with open shop-fronts. On the left about half-way down, there's a understated entrance to Brixton Village Market. Looking in from outside, you think you're about to take a wrong turn... You're not.

Weekday dinner: salmon, broccoli and mint frittata

Frittatas are heavenly for a few reasons – you can put almost anything in them, making them perfect for using up leftovers, and they're super quick and easy for post-work mid-week dinners. We just happened to have salmon and broccoli, but you can put anything in... anything! Here's the recipe...

The Urban Food Festival, Shoreditch

The Urban Food Festival is in a car park just off Shoreditch High Street. It doesn't look like a car park just off Shoreditch High Street though, which is a good thing. The atmosphere is lively – it's packed. There's live music and booze (the two things that complete any event), and although the bar is a little on the steep side (£5 for a bottle of beer), it's worth it for the selection of craft beers and ales.

Ombra, Vyner Street

If you live in London and you haven't been to First Thursdays; you're missing a trick. Once a month (on the first Thursday, believe it or not) the galleries of East London stay open late so working folks can actually look at something other than their computer on a weekday. Not only are there glorious sights for your eyes, but there's also a lot of free booze, and if you find an accommodating gallery you can just sit on their interior-designer picked sofas and drown yourself in prosecco.

Competitive dinners...

We've always been competitive. It started when we first met. I'd take Kerry to Greenwich Observatory to see where time starts, then she'd take me on Boris bikes down Regents Canal on the nicest day of the year. I'd try and one up with a weekend away, and that would be returned with a holiday in St Ives or a spa break in Cambridge. The competitive dating had to end before one of us went bankrupt, so we had to channel our energy into something else.
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