Weekday dinner: salmon, broccoli and mint frittata

Frittatas are heavenly for a few reasons – you can put almost anything in them, making them perfect for using up leftovers, and they're super quick and easy for post-work mid-week dinners. We just happened to have salmon and broccoli, but you can put anything in... anything! Here's the recipe...

 – 8 eggs
– 2 shallots
– A handful of new potatoes
– 2 salmon fillets
– Half a pack of Tenderstem broccoli
– Half a punnet of cherry tomatoes
– Handful of mint
– Around 50g of feta

Cut your new potatoes in half and pop them on to boil. 
Heat a little bit of oil in a deep frying pan and cook the salmon for about 5 minutes on either side, until 
Chop up your shallots and half your cherry tomatoes and throw them in the frying pan. 
Whisk up your eggs with salt and pepper.
Add the cooked potatoes to the pan, flake the salmon and pour over the eggs.
Continue to cook on the stove until only the middle of the frittata is jiggling.
Crumble some feta on top and pop it under the grill until cooked through. 

We had ours with avocado salad.


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