Hook, Parkway Road

We love fish and chips. We could dine out in London for the rest of our lives on fish and chips and Sunday roasts alone, on a constant quest to find the best place for our favourite dish.
Hook Camden opened in October and we went to see what the hype was about during their opening week, and couldn’t resist returning.
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Our Christmassy home...

Merry Christmas everyone! Sorry we've fell off the radar of late. We've been so busy preparing for Christmas that we've not had much time to blog about our preparations. All of our presents are now wrapped up under the tree waiting to go back to Leicester with us for Christmas on Wednesday, after a week of visiting family and friends up and down the country. 
If you'd like to know where any of the furniture in these photos is from, leave us a comment and I'll do my best to remember. We've spent a long time turning our rented flat into a home, but now we've spent our first festive season here it feels a lot more like our own. 
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Prior Park, Bath

Last week was half term, and we spent the best part of the week cat-sitting for friends in Bristol and exploring the West Country. Now the weather and the leaves are changing, wintery walks are number one on our to-do list and Prior Park was the perfect place to start.
We also ended up joining the National Trust (woohoo!) so be expecting a lot more posts of this nature. Click read more to see all the photos...

Pachamama, Thayer Street

We were lucky enough to be invited to Pachamama, the new Peruvian-inspired restaurant in Marylebone, to do a Test Drive for Hot Dinners. Read the review here, and check out the rest of our photos from the evening by clicking the read more button...

Pink sky in the morning

Mornings are made ten times easier when this is the view from your back garden...

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