Drygate Brewery, Glasgow

After Christmas we found ourselves with a bit of time before we had to return to work. Being cooped up with your family for a week of intense eating and too much booze can take it’s toll, so we escaped to my dad’s flat in Glasgow for a weekend of exploring (and more booze…)
Kerry’s a lover of good beer and good food, so it wasn’t long before she stumbled upon Drygate Brewery online. It took us over an hour to find it in sub-zero temperatures, so by the time we got there we were so ready to warm our cockles with yet more booze. 
From the outside, you can’t really tell how huge it’s going to be. It’s like walking into the Tardis. The open plan restaurant is instantly welcoming. It’s light and airy, with the entire back wall is a window through to the brewery. It’s amazing to watch people working on the beer you’re drinking while you’re drinking it, and it’s really great beer too. I was a huge fan of the Bearface Lager - which is £3.50 a pint - a far cry from London prices!
The food was incredible. We had a selection of smaller plates, including an amazing salmon dish, some cured meats and the BEST cheese board with real Scottish oat cakes. Just divine. 
When we went to pay our jaws hit the floor. Under £50 for three beers each, a couple of glasses of red, and some of the best food we had in our time in Glasgow. 

Find Drygate Brewery at 85 Drygate, Glasgow G4 0UT

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