Exploring the Dordogne

After months of all work and no play, we headed to France to spend a week lazily exploring the Dordogne with my parents.

There are too many memories much to fit into a simple blog post, but the highlights included...

Snoozes by the pool | Confit duck everyday | Night markets at Isejaac | Exploring underground caves in Gouffre de Proumeyssac | Wine tasting at Monbazillac | Stopping the car to photograph churches in traditional French towns | River cruising and chateaux spotting in Beynac-et-Cazenac | Suppers of cheese, charcuterie and wine | Spending time with the people we love the most | Making the decision to quit my 'dream job' and live a simpler, happier and more fulfilling life

We stayed in an incredible B&B called La Libertie in Campsegret – a 10 minute drive to Bergerac. There's nothing more refreshing than waking up and opening your french doors to a beautiful lake and miles of unspoiled countryside.


11 reasons to pack your bags and move to Barnet

We love Barnet. It's no secret. Everyone who knows us is probably sick of hearing about how much we love Barnet. We love it so much we rarely stop talking about it.

We moved at the tail end of 2013, and after years of living in zone 1/2, relocating to zone 5 felt like an incredibly mature decision to make. Two years later, we can safely say it was one of the best we've made.

So, we wanted to share the Barnet love with you. Here are our top 11 reasons you should pack your bags and move to Barnet.


Roost, Margate

The highlight of our Margate mini break was the food. Not bank-breaking meals at super fancy restaurants, just good, reasonably-priced food at independent places.
When we arrived Roost had only just opened. Despite that, when we went in on the morning to book a table for lunch they had to squeeze us in -- that's when we knew it was going to be great.
It's the sister restaurant to Margate local's favourite pizza place, Great British Pizza Company. We'd eaten there the night before and it didn't disappoint, so we were excited to try out the newest addition to the Margate-run family.

Great British Pizza Company, Margate

There are some very simple things in life that you just can't beat. Eating pizza, drinking too much prosecco and watching the sunset over the sea in Margate is one of them. 

The Great British Pizza Company is the perfect spot for doing all of the above. The minute we arrived in Margate (where we enjoyed an amazing mini-break), our AirBnb host told us the best place to watch the sunset was from the GBPC. The long window benches gazing out on the coast make it a picture perfect location to enjoy a lazy dinner. 

Margate mini break

A few months ago, we went to see Mr Turner, the film about the artist J.M.W Turner. Margate was the subject of most of his lovely seascapes, so we decided then and there to hop on AirBnb and book a Margate mini break. 

It is, in essence, an old British seaside town. I'm sure it's not everyone's cup of tea, but we fell in love with it the minute we started driving along the seafront. I can't put my finger on it -- there's just something about it that feels homely and gives you happy vibes.

Apparently Margate was all going down hill under the Turner Gallery opened. It's a beautiful modern building on the sea front, with a huge glass wall inside that's awe-inspiring. You could easily spend all day gazing out. I think what makes Margate special is the idea that it's the little seaside town that was literally saved by art. 

Sunny Saturday seafood platter

We wish we could eat out every meal of the day. Fortunately, while funds don't allow it we are forced to be creative in the kitchen. This is one of our favourite sharing starters for when we've got friends over for dinner, or a main between the two of us if we've had a big lunch. It takes a bit of preparation but it's so worth it. Click read more for the recipes...

Lussmans, St Albans

A couple of weeks ago, we treated ourselves to a lazy Saturday lunch at Lussmans in St Albans. We've been wanting to try it out after hearing rave reviews from everyone -- including Giles Coren. As a rule of thumb, if it's good enough for Mr. Coren, it's good enough for us.

Life of late, by the means of Instagram

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Guess who's back with a brand new design, a head full of ideas and a pocket full of enthusiasm?
Us - of course!
Here's what we've been up to since we last posted, according to Instagram...


De Kas, Amsterdam

February is always an indulgent month for us, with Valentine's Day and my birthday. This year, we headed to Amsterdam for a four night break. Obviously the first thing we did after booking our flights and Airbnb was Google the best restaurants in Amsterdam, and after a lot of searching we stumbled upon De Kas and made a reservation about two months in advance. 

Riddle and Finns, Brighton

We love seafood and we love Brighton, and as a 'we've made it through January alive' treat, we went to Riddle and Finns for a lazy lunch on a gloomy Saturday. 
After reading rave reviews hailing Riddle and Finns the best seafood restaurant in Brighton, we were super excited to try it out and it didn't disappoint. 
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