Margate mini break

A few months ago, we went to see Mr Turner, the film about the artist J.M.W Turner. Margate was the subject of most of his lovely seascapes, so we decided then and there to hop on AirBnb and book a Margate mini break. 

It is, in essence, an old British seaside town. I'm sure it's not everyone's cup of tea, but we fell in love with it the minute we started driving along the seafront. I can't put my finger on it -- there's just something about it that feels homely and gives you happy vibes.

Apparently Margate was all going down hill under the Turner Gallery opened. It's a beautiful modern building on the sea front, with a huge glass wall inside that's awe-inspiring. You could easily spend all day gazing out. I think what makes Margate special is the idea that it's the little seaside town that was literally saved by art. 

Sunny Saturday seafood platter

We wish we could eat out every meal of the day. Fortunately, while funds don't allow it we are forced to be creative in the kitchen. This is one of our favourite sharing starters for when we've got friends over for dinner, or a main between the two of us if we've had a big lunch. It takes a bit of preparation but it's so worth it. Click read more for the recipes...
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