Roost, Margate

The highlight of our Margate mini break was the food. Not bank-breaking meals at super fancy restaurants, just good, reasonably-priced food at independent places.
When we arrived Roost had only just opened. Despite that, when we went in on the morning to book a table for lunch they had to squeeze us in -- that's when we knew it was going to be great.
It's the sister restaurant to Margate local's favourite pizza place, Great British Pizza Company. We'd eaten there the night before and it didn't disappoint, so we were excited to try out the newest addition to the Margate-run family.

It's got a really cool vibe -- exposed brick walls with a huge neon chicken and chunky utility-style letters on the wall. The decor is eclectic, which perfectly suits the vibe. You can see the sea out the window, and on a blustery day it was lovely gazing out, being cozied up inside.

We ordered a whole chicken, Asian-style slaw and macaroni cheese between us for an alternative to a Sunday roast.

The mac and cheese was stodgy in a good way -- super cheesy and saucy and covered in bread crumbs. Ultimate comfort food. The chicken was amazingly tender, and the slaw was tangy and crunchy and just lovely.

Our favourite finishing touch is the serve-your-own-wine bar. There's red and white in barrels, and you can buy full or half bottles, which they give you at the bar and you fill up yourself.

We'd recommend it a million times over. The prices are super reasonable, the vibe is great and the staff are kind, attentive and friendly. We just wish it was closer to home!

Find Roost at 19 Cliff Terrace, Margate CT9 1RU. Visit them online at


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