Warpigs, Copenhagen

When you're roaming the Meatpacking District in Copenhagen, you find that there are surprises round every corner. An unassuming over-worn door will be swung open by an enthusiastic butcher offering you a look around his shop, a peek in a container will reveal a blooming wild flower garden, and incredible places like Warpigs will just appear as if out of nowhere, with the cold sunning shining brightly through the window like a sign from god that the beer in this place is going to be divine.

Warpigs serve up 'authentic Texas BBQ and American-style beer' from their huge, bright restaurant. It's full of long, wooden tables and gives you a distinct feeling that it'd be awesome on a Saturday night in Summer. The high windowsills are covered in cacti and succulents, making picture perfect viewing.

Ok, we have to be honest: we turned up for the beer. After visiting two other Mikkeller places in Copenhagen, we knew that we needed to try them all. We can't really go into detail about how amazing the beer is, because a) we don't know enough about beer, and this is really great beer, and b) you just have to go and try it yourself. There's so much choice. 

So, we weren't planning on eating, but when we arrived and saw the canteen-style BBQ we couldn't resist, and opted for ribs with mac and cheese and pickles. The ribs were charred on the outside in a really, really good way, and when they were smothered in the table sauces – spicy bbq with house lambic and cranberries, or sweet bbq with cloves and all spice – they were sticky and sweet and gorgeous.

The mac and cheese was creamy and stodgy, and the crunch of the sweet pickles made the whole plate perfect. For the notoriously expensive Copenhagen, it was actually pretty reasonable, and totally big enough to share.

Find Warpigs at Fl√¶sketorvet 25 – 37, 1711 Copenhagen, The Meatpacking District​. Visit their website here.

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